How many people can play?

Our games are designed for groups of 2-6 people.

Is there a minimum age limit?

No, but younger players should have at least one adult accompanying them.

What is the duration of a game?

Our Classic game takes a maximum of 60 minutes.

What type of clothing is recommended?

Normal street clothing is suitable for our games, there are no physical obstacles (crawling, climbing) involved. Both of our games are located in basements, the temperature is usually somewhat lower than the outside average.

Can we get help if we get stuck in the game?

Players can communicate during the whole game with the game masters, who will observe the course of the game through cameras.

Can we play without reservation?

No, a reservation is needed to try our games. A table of available time slots can be found on our Reservation site, where you can reserve a game with a few clicks.

I made a mistake in my reservation. What should I do?

Please contact us either by phone or by e-mail.

I have not received a confirmation of my reservation.

Our reservation system always sends a confirmation e-mail as response to your reservation, and an additional one after we check the data you provided. If you do not receive either of these e-mails, please contact us either by phone or by e-mail.

Can we play without receiving a confirmation?

No. We always send a confirmation e-mail after receiving reservations. If you have not received one after reserving, it is possible that your reservation has not reached us, please contact us either by phone or by e-mail.

We can not go for our reserved time slot. What should we do?

Please contact us either by phone or by e-mail.

The number of people in our group has changed. What should we do?

You do not have to contact us – still, the size of the group should still be between 2 and 6 people.