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The Escape House team has been creating and managing escape games in the heart of Budapest since 2013. The aim of our games is to find a way to escape from a series of rooms under the time limit of 60 minutes. Throughout the game, you'll have to solve various puzzles, examine your surroundings and find the right solution for the right problem. Our escape games are designed for groups between 2 and 6 people.

In order to play, you'll first need to reserve a suitable date for your game, which can be done on our website under the Reservation tab. It is important to arrive at least 10 minutes before your reserved time, in order to avoid delays for the groups playing after you.

Our games are language independent, it is not necessary to understand Hungarian in order to play. During the course of the game, you will be able to communicate with our game masters, who will provide you with hints if necessary.


The game

General info

What is the course of the game?

After you arrive, the game master will explain the general rules and everything you need to know about the game, and then will show you to the start of the game. In order to succeed, you will only need thoroughness, teamwork and a bit of thinking.

Who do you recommend the games for?

Our escape games are suitable for everyone, they are an ideal way for families and friends to relax and use their brains together. Escape games are also a popular choice for bachelor/bachelorette parties and team building events. The setting of our games are focused more on the puzzles, and less on the feeling of being trapped in a room.

Are there any restrictions?

Our games are suitable for players of any age, but younger „escapees” should face our challenges with at least one adult in the group.

How can I make a reservation?

On our website, under the Reservation menu, you can choose a suitable time slot, and after providing some details, we will get notified about your reservation, to which we will respond as soon as possible. If you have any questions concerning the reservation or the games, feel free to contact us either by phone or through Facebook Messenger.










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